Our indie game studio is driven by a passion for creating meaningful and impactful gaming experiences. Our motto, “games with substance,” reflects our belief that games should strive to achieve more than just entertainment. We aim to create games that evoke thoughts, philosophical reflection, and deep emotional exploration in players.


Though we have previously created a game for a game jam, we are currently in the development of our own game and are eager to find our place in the industry. We are a curious, fun-loving, and community-focused studio, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in gaming. Join us as we explore new possibilities and bring impactful games to players everywhere.


We are restless and curious, as well as passionate about the video game industry. Especially admiration for the indie videogame industry, for this reason, in addition to actively participating in video game jams. we decided to manage a server for one of the most player indie games, Project Zomboid, developed by The Indie Stone studio.

Join other players on this Apocalipsis Gaucho adventure.